Last Descendants is a new, original YA series based in the world of the hit Ubisoft® video game franchise ‘Assassin’s Creed.’ Part historical fiction, part tie-in, this novel series creates an all-new narrative fans of the video games will love.

Immerse yourself in the historical aspect of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ with Assassin’s Creed: Through the Ages, a unique nonfiction guide to the historical time periods of the games. Relive all the action and excitement of the Assassin’s Creed motion picture with the Assassin’s Creed Poster Book!

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By Matthew J. Kirby

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Nothing in Owen's life has been right since his father died in prison, accused of a crime Owen is certain he didn't commit. Monroe, the IT guy at school, might finally bring Owen the means to clear his father's name by letting him use an Animus-a device that lets users explore genetic memories buried within their own DNA. During a simulation, Owen comes uncovers the existence of a powerful relic long considered a legend-the Trident of Eden. Now two secret organizations will stop at nothing to take possession of this artifact-the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Templar Order. It becomes clear the only way to save himself is to find the Trident first.

Under the guidance of Monroe, Owen and a group of other teenagers go into a memory they all share within their DNA: the 1863 Draft Riots in New York City. Owen and his companions will find themselves tested on the violent streets of New York, and their experiences in the past will have far-reaching consequences in the present.

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By Matthew J. Kirby

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Owen and his friends have lost. They managed to do something incredible, but were defeated nonetheless. When they located the first piece of an ancient and powerful relic long considered a legend—the Trident of Eden—it seemed little could stop them. This piece was sought by the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Templar Order, but before either organization could take the piece, it was stolen by an unknown third party. The tenuous relationship between the teens fractured—Owen and his friend Javier taking sides with the Assassins, the others with the Templars. Now there are still two pieces of the Trident of Eden to find, and both groups are determined not to repeat their mistakes. The next piece is said to have been buried with the Mongol warlord Genghis Khan, whose tomb has never been found. Teens on either side of the conflict will have to go deep into simulations in war-torn Mongolian China in a race against time to discover the next piece, and ensure their safety before their enemies find it first.

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An in-depth, nonfiction look at the worlds from Assassin's Creed using screen grabs from the game and actual historical artifacts! The characters and places from the Assassin's Creed video games come to life in this unique nonfiction guide to the historical time periods of the games. It's a perfect -- and age appropriate -- book for middle grade and YA fans of the Assassin's Creed franchise, exploring how the game's characters figure into their various time periods and then diving into the real history of each. Illustrated with screen grabs from the games as well as historical illustrations and photographs, time periods include the Crusades, Italian Renaissance, Colonial Americas, French Revolution, and Victorian England.

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